The Fusionauts

Burning Jazzfro-Beat and Heavy Grooves out of Edmonton, Alberta

New album "mutant" coming 2017

After many months of hard work performing and rehearsing, the Fusionauts headed to the studio in May (2016) to record their latest creation. They are very happy to announce that "Mutant" will hit record store shelves in early 2017. This newest offering from the Fusionauts blends the raw, groovy rhythms of Nigerian Afrobeat with the harmonic and improvisational sensibility of modern, instrumental Jazz and Funk. This combination is approached with a deep respect and admiration for the pioneers of these genres which can be heard not just in the compositions but in the way the record was produced. 

From the earliest conception it was intended for this album to be released on vinyl to take full advantage of the beautiful, warm sound that can only be achieved with analog recording equipment. It was recorded live, directly to 2" tape, which allowed the band to interact the same way they would in a performance. The result is emotionally and spiritually invigorating and will satisfy Jazz hardened listeners and skeptical newcomers alike. It will be available in vinyl, CD, and digital formats in the near future so please join our mailing list below to know when pre-orders are available!

Our awesome new album art! Designed by Kyle Schneider at

Our awesome new album art! Designed by Kyle Schneider at