The Fusionauts

Afrobeat Jazz from Edmonton, AB

The Fusionauts are a truly unique musical beast. Their latest record, Mutant, is an old school, instrumental album recorded to 2" analog tape. In his review for BC Musician's Magazine, Dave O Rama describes them as:

"... a sophisticated synthesis of funk, jazz, Brazilian tropicália, and Nigerian Afrobeat. Mutant is a dynamic jazz workout for the dance floor. Gliding all over the funky Lagos rhythms, ... you’ll hear an incredible interplay by a collective of incredibly gifted soloists... When approaching this Mutant consider all the best things about electric Miles, Jon Luc Ponty, Pat Metheny, [and] Weather Report served over a bed of funky Fela Kuti inspired workouts and garnished with a heavy dollop of Hermeto Pascoal, Brazil’s albino musical wizard. The grooves here are perfumed with jungle flowers and salt from the ocean spray. As much a listening experience, as it is a dance floor filler The Fusionauts create a perfectly realized hybrid that serves both the brain and the booty."

This year, The Fusionauts return to the Yardbird Suite, bigger and better than ever, as a nine piece ensemble. It will be an emotionally and spiritually invigorating experience that will satisfy Jazz-hardened listeners and skeptical newcomers alike. Buy tickets here

The personnel are:

Paul Richey - Keyboards 

Mo Lefever - Electric Guitar 

Shantel Koenig - Electric Bass 

Bill George - Drums

Dwayne Hrynkiw - Percussion 

Jeremiah McDade - Tenor Saxophone 

Jared Greeve - Trumpet 

Marty Majorowicz - Trombone 

Katie Vallar - Baritone Saxophone 

Our awesome new album art! Designed by Kyle Schneider at

Our awesome new album art! Designed by Kyle Schneider at