The Fusionauts

Afrobeat Jazz from Edmonton, AB

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It all started when...

The Fusionauts are a truly unique musical beast. The Edmonton based septet seamlessly blend the raw, groovy rhythms of Nigerian Afrobeat and Brazilian Samba with the harmonic and improvisational sensibility of modern, instrumental Jazz and Funk. This unconventional combination is approached with a deep respect and admiration for the pioneers of these genres: Fela Kuti, Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock and Egberto Gismonti to name a few. The music of the Fusionauts was called “powerful and sensitive” by Edmontonian Pianist Charlie Austin after their performance at the 2014 Edmonton International Jazz Fest. On his blog, “Austinato” he wrote: “the compositions were very hip and well thought out and played with conviction and humility. Everyone came away feeling wonderful about what they heard.” The music is emotionally and spiritually invigorating and will satisfy Jazz hardened listeners and skeptical newcomers alike. This seemingly impossible task is accomplished with the skill of some of Edmonton’s most respected, virtuosic musicians: Paul Richey (Keyboards and compositions), Mo Lefever, (Electric Guitar), Shantel Koenig (Electric Bass), Bill George (Drums), Bob Tildesley (Trumpet), and Jeremiah McDade (Saxophone).