The Fusionauts

Afrobeat Jazz from Edmonton, AB

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Mutant - 2017

by The Fusionauts

"Mutant" is the latest album from the Fusionauts that blends the raw, groovy rhythms of Nigerian Afrobeat with the harmonic and improvisational sensibility of modern, instrumental Jazz and Funk. This unconventional combination is approached with a deep respect and admiration for the pioneers of these genres.

From the earliest conception it was intended for this album to be released on vinyl to take full advantage of the beautiful, warm sound that can only be achieved with analog recording equipment. It was recorded live, directly to 2" tape, which allowed the band to interact the same way they would in a performance. The result is emotionally and spiritually invigorating and will satisfy Jazz hardened listeners and skeptical newcomers alike. It is available in vinyl, CD, and digital formats now at Bandcamp, so get your hands on “Mutant” now!

Side A:

Notice of Offence 8:43

Mutant 9:41

Side B:

Let the Saw Do the Work 6:58

False Economy 8:01

All tunes composed and arranged by Paul Richey

Drums on Notice of Offence arranged by Steve Gallant


Paul Richey: Fender-Rhodes Electric Piano, Moog Sub-Phatty, Shekere, Wood Block

Mo Lefever: Electric Guitar

Shantel Koenig: Electric Bass

Steve Gallant: Drums, Shekere, Cowbell, Bongos, Floor Tom

Bob Tildesley: Trumpet

Jeremiah McDade: Tenor Saxophone, Violin


Greg Upham-Mills: Tambourine, Wood Block, Shekere, Agogo, Shaker, Bongos


Produced by Paul Richey and Barry Allen

Recorded and mixed at Homestead Recorders, Edmonton, Alberta, by Barry Allen

Mastered at Magic Garden Mastering, Los Angeles, California, by Brian Lucey

Cover design by Kyle Schneider at Hamburger Hands, Edmonton, Alberta

This album was recorded to 2” tape on Sunday, May 1st, 2016 and Thursday, May 5th, 2016


Thank you: Caitlin North, Kathleen Richey, Ron Richey, Moira Richey, Harold Wollin and the staff at the Blue Chair Cafe, Peter North, Barry Allen, the Yardbird Suite, Kent Sangster and the Edmonton International Jazz Festival, Kyle Schneider, Mike Lent, and Marty Majorowicz


© 2016 Paul Richey Music